February 3, 2012

"Green" homes in Colchester, CT

Colchester Connecticut has a “Green” residential community at White Oak Farm offering ENERGY STAR qualified homes that include geothermal heating and solar panels. The green building movement originated in the US during the 1970s with the fuel crisis and environmental pollution concerns. Green buildings are built with goal of being environmentally responsible and resource efficient from siting, design, construction, maintenance, upgrades and eventual demolition. The 3 main goals are: Efficient use of resources including and water Protect and enhance occupant health Reducing waste and pollution There is a Government Program that provides third party inspectors testing home efficiency on new or existing homes. The HERS Rating (Home Energy Rating System) has three ratings for Green Buildings. The Entry level is the ENERGY STAR level. The next level is NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) and the highest is the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design.) Besides the health benefits, the owner can save money using solar panels to create electricity and heating the house using geothermal heat. The government is offering up to $40,000 in state and federal incentives to the homeowner. If you’re interested in looking at one of these homes give me a call. Steve Howard 860-334-9336


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