March 22, 2011

QR Codes for Colchester CT

What is a QR Code? This is a QR Code:

This Particular QR Code will take you to my Prudential CT Website. This code could take you to a website, blog site, or to a house for sale. It can also be used in place of a business card.

The Quick Response code was invented in Japan by a subsidiary of Toyota to track parts. What is really cool, those of us with smart phones can load an application that can read them. When the code is scanned, your phone will be directed to a webpage dedicated to that specific code.

Prudential CT Realty has bought into the technology and all houses we list will soon have a QR Code. They will be displayed on “For Sale” signs, brochures and on web sites. So if you are driving down the road and see a house for sale with a code, you can scan it and get the listed house’s information without even getting out of your car.

If you’re interested in creating your own QR Codes, there are several websites that will help you create your own QR Codes for free.

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