June 7, 2010

Colchester Tag Sale On The Green - what's for sale?

It's that time of year again, when you can find incredible bargains, and have some fun on the Green in Colchester. Stop by the Prudential booth Sunday the 13th from 9 to 4 pm and here's a sampling of what will be available (if it's not taken by the time you get there!):

A signed UCONN Womens Basketball T-Shirt from the 1995 Championship, signatures include Geno, Chris, and some of the team members that year.

Pink fleece UCONN jacket

2 cans of unopened paint, color is Wisteria Blue, interior flat.

A TY teddy bear wearing a yellow rain slicker and rain hat

A scooter - the kind you stand on and push off with one foot, chrome with blue handlebars

2 oars to paddle your way serenely down a river or on a lake in your boat!

Also, because Prudential CT Realty is there to donate all proceeds to the Sunshine Kids, we are also selling Bingo tickets for a night at Foxwoods Casino, Sunshine Kids bright yellow t-shirts, and reusable shopping bags with our blog name on one side (roomy, too!).

Stop by and see what other bargains will be available, we'll be there to help you out and happily take your donations!

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