May 25, 2010

An Evening at Ruby Cohen Park

I had a couple of hours to fish the other day. So I went to Ruby Cohen Park in Colchester. The town purchased it a couple of years ago and it has a couple of small ponds that I've been meaning to try. I had been there before as a chaperone for my kids school trips and I wonder how many fish were in there.

When I got there there was a couple of women there. One of them was working with a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. It was really impressive watching her work with the dog. She would throw a float in the water for the dog to retrieve. The dog would jump in, swim out to the decoy, return and drop, shake the water off her and heel, all on command. I'm still trying to get my dog to stay off the table when I'm eating. It turns out that Shelly Kurth is a professional dog trainer and runs Hawk Nest Kennels here in Colchester. Shelly and the dog(Daphne)competed in the Westminster Kennel Club in 2009 and won "Best of Opposite".

All the splashing didn't hurt the fishing. In the 2 hours of daylight I had left, I caught 6 pickerel. The biggest was a 22 inch monster that really gave me a good fight.