January 18, 2010

The Colchester Half Marathon

used with permission

This coming February 27th Colchester will be the center of attention for the running community. The 19th Annual Colchester Half Marathon, founded and organized by Rick Konon, will continue its tradition of offering a challenging course for enthusiastic of all ages. The passion Rick has for this sport is inspiring and especially apparent when you hear about his offer to all runners,
...think the entry fee is too high, send me what you want! If you don’t have at least $12.00 worth of fun, or consume $12 worth of food & drink, or don’t get at least $12 worth of endorphins, we are even.
Where else can you find an event of this quality, including an carbo reload party, drinks, and entusiastic support, without paying an arm and a leg. Contrary to other races, if you can't afford the $12 fee they encourage you to go anyway this race is about the challenge and the comaraderie among those runners who step up to the challenge of this tough course. There isn't any money being made with this event, the fees are used to pay for the race and after party which is open to all runners whether they can afford the registration or not!

If nothing else, the growing participation demonstrates that this is indeed a race for runners. When the race started there were around 50 runners who participated which has grown over the last 19 years to more than 300 runners ages ranging from 11 years to 77. All runners are welcome and there is a challenging course waiting for them.

It's been years since I've run seriously but the comaraderie and encouragement spoken of by past runners has me itching to dig my running shoes out of the depths of my closet and see if I've still got what it takes. How about you? Are you up to the challenge? Find out on February 27th, 10:00am sharp at the Colchester High School.

For registration details please click here. Not ready to take on these hills, contact Rick for information on volunteering

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