November 4, 2009

Earlier I wrote about a fundraiser for Nick Reardon "brown bagging for Nick" Our coach Duane Maranda has forwarded another email that I wanted to share on the success of the fundraiser.

To whom it may concern,
I am writing this on behalf of our football program as well as many local programs who in last few weeks took part in a fundraiser for Nick Reardon. During the last few weeks coaches asked their athletes, parents, schools and friends to donate towards the Nick Reardon Cancer Fund. Most schools held a brown bagging it for Nick campaign where students and adults donated what they would of spent on hot lunch towards Nick’s cause. Some school systems went above and beyond buy donating large amounts on top of just the lunch fundraiser. Some individuals/schools sent checks directly to the cancer fund and those totals are not reflected in the below amounts. We have just recently finished collecting from all participating schools and I am very happy to announce our total amount we sent on behalf of all programs is $2500.30. Breakdowns for each school are as follows:
Bacon Academy- $654.00
Fitch High School- $185.00
Haddam/Killingworth $250.00
Killingly High School $128.03
Plainfield High School $431.28
Saint Bernard’s HS $445.00
Stonington HS $297.92
Waterford HS $109.07
Total $2500.30

I want to once again thank all schools for participating in this great cause. Your generosity is greatly appreciated by the Reardon family and it makes me very proud to be associated with all of you.

Thank you very much,