October 21, 2009

Brown Bagging it For Nick

This is a copy of an email from my sons football coach I wanted to share it with as many people as possible to help make this a successful event. All over the state of Connecticut the kids are banding together to help. Just this week at our friday night football game Bacon against Montville a Montville parent won the 50/50 raffel and donated the purse almost $100 to the family.

Athletes and Parents,
Each year we urge the kids to get involved in the community and give back. In years past we have taken part in the clean up of park and recreation facilities, helped families in need, and even helped an older couple move furniture into a new apartment among other things. This year Coach O’Leary had the idea we turn our efforts towards helping a young man named Nick Reardon. Nick is a 17 year old senior at Oliver Wolcott Technical High School in Torrington Ct. Nick was a starting linebacker, guard and punter for his team. He was diagnosed with testicular cancer a few weeks ago and had surgery. It was after that surgery that in a game with Avon High School Nick scored a touchdown and his story was covered on the evening news. Since that time, the cancer has been classified as stage 3 and has spread to his lungs and abdomen. His spirits remain high and he is putting up a good fight. He even attends practices for his team after he has his Kemo treatments. This young man is a fighter and deserves all of our respect and support.
This Thursday we are asking our team to take part in a fundraiser called ‘Brown Bagging it for Nick’. I am asking all of our athletes and coaches to please pack their lunch for that day and bring in the $3.25 we would have spent on purchasing lunch to donate to the Nick Reardon Cancer Fund. This is not just limited to our athletes as our goal is to raise as much for Nick as possible. We will accept donations through Friday night’s team dinner if anyone would like to contribute aside from our activity on Thursday. Separate donations can made out to the Nick Reardon Cancer Fund and dropped off in the main office in an envelope. Please write attention Coach Maranda on the envelope.
Nick Reardon Cancer Fundc/o Torrington Savings Bank235 Dibble St.Torrington, Ct. 06790

This is a way we can all help make a difference in another’s life. Please join with us in doing so.
TORRINGTON — In the midst of another one-sided loss for Wolcott Tech’s second-year varsity football program Saturday afternoon, a moment happened that will live forever in the minds of those who were there to experience it.Avon may have won the game going away 49-6, but that did not stop Falcons coach Brett Quinion from showing a great deal of sportsmanship. Early in the fourth quarter, Quinion called a timeout and walked across the field to the Wolcott Tech sideline to talk to Wildcats coach Jamie Coty.The reason? To give a 17-year-old senior a chance to have a poignant moment.Just this past week, Wolcott Tech senior Nick Reardon was diagnosed with cancer. The offensive guard/linebacker could only play in one more game, and he could not actually play—in others words, he could not be hit, per doctor’s orders.Coty wanted to get Reardon, the team’s punter, into the game so he could kick the ball. Reardon and Coty got more than that.On a second and nine from the Tech 17, Reardon took a handoff up the middle and ran down the right sideline for an 82-yard touchdown to make it 42-6. After the score, Reardon’s Wildcat teammates all ran out onto the field to graduate him. When he got to the sideline, teammates kept coming over and slapping him on the back. Reardon, not one to bring attention to himself, treated it as if it were just another play.“I got nothing but praise and respect for (Avon’s) coaching staff,” Coty said. “(Quinion) called a timeout and said let’s get that kid a touchdown. That meant a lot to our program.”“All he wanted to do was play,” Tech assistant coach Ron Raymond said.For Quinion, the gesture was rewarding for his team.“It’s our pleasure,” Quinion said. “It’s awful what the kid’s going through.”Wolcott Tech athletic director Ray Tanguay said the past few days have been emotional. Reardon’s situation puts everything in perspective, he said.“You forget sometimes how fragile life is,” Tanguay said.Coty also put Reardon’s diagnosis in perspective.“He’s got to worry about fighting for his life instead of worrying about fighting for a starting position,” Coty said, pointing out how quick life can change.After the game, Coty had Reardon break up the postgame huddle by yelling: “Wildcats on three. 1-2-3 Wildcats!”For a special moment Saturday afternoon, Nick Reardon was a regular player doing what every running back dreams off — running for a long touchdown.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShCR97XaEYY This is the espn interview of Nick and his football coach.