September 12, 2009

Colchester Cougars Football

Colchester youth football The Cougars will be kicking off their season with a home game against Tolland Eagles on Sunday September 13th 2009. Game day starts at 9am with the D squad. The D squad is our instructional squad from grades K-2. The C squad will play at 11 am they are from grades 2-4. Our A squad thats the seniors (middle school) play from 1-3. Ending the day is our famous B squad playing from 3-5. B squad has won 2 state champtionship games in 2003 and in 2007 I'm proud to say I saw both of them having a cheerleader in 2003 and a defensive lineman in 2007. Our men are fierce and mighty and play with great heart the games are a joy to watch. It looks to be a great day with weather in the high 70's. The concession stand serves breakfast and lunch from 8 am till 5 pm proceeds go to the cougars. Team apparel is on sale during the home games also. The football field is located at R8 which is off of Old Hartford rd by the Town Garage parking is available on Old Hartford Rd and at the Park and Rec Complex off of Old Hebron Rd go into the first entrance and park near the concession stand and walk to the back of the stands to the baseball field in back go to the left of the field and there is a path down to the field you may also park over near the skate park and there is another path way down behind the skate park.