July 4, 2009

Kayaking the Farmington River July 4th

(Alex and his kayak)

One of the things my son and I like to do is to go white water kayaking. We just came back from a trip to the Farmington River. We went to Main Stream Canoes and Kayak in New Hartford, CT. From Colchester it takes about one hour to get there. They offer a livery service from their location to Riverton, CT for $20/boat. Depending of how fast the river is running it takes 3 -4 hours to kayak back down the river to the parking area. It is mostly Class I water with an occasional Class II (see my April blog for definitions) rapid thrown in. This section is not for novice kayak/canoe users. Main Stream does suggest the downstream section for novices or people trying out new boats.

My son has one of the new “spud” boat type; I have an old school, “Eskimo” type kayak. His boat can do all kinds of tricks and can do Eskimo rolls. The downside of his boat is that the boat is less stable than mine. It will tip over easier. Mine is hard to tip over, but once it does, it won’t Eskimo roll, so I’ll have to “bail out” and swim.

The river was a little higher than usual which made some parts of the river harder and some easier. We had a great time. We got very wet from wave splashes, but neither of us got flipped over. I think white water kayaking is better than going to Six Flags Amusement Park.


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