July 31, 2009

Colchester CT area lakes I have fished

Babcock Pond, Colchester (119 acres) is a very shallow, weedy, lake. The last time I fished it in 2008 the weeds were within 2” of the surface. I have not been back since.

Bashan Lake, East Haddam (273 acres) is a large clean lake. The boat launch is hard to get to and tucked away in a far corner. The lake is very deep and has a clean bottom. I have not caught many fish there, but I have caught some big bass and pickerel.

Gardner Lake, Salem (529 acres) is a very big lake, too big for me and my kayak. If there is any wind at all, this lake gets too rough for me to fish effectively. I have only fished about 1/16th of the lake, without much success. I mostly ended up with a bunch of tail-less worms. The deep lakes confound me, so I don’t fish them any more.

Lake Haywood, East Haddam (174) is a very nice lake. The boat launch is pretty far from where I like to fish. This is one of the electric motor only lakes, so it is a good place to go on a weekend because you don’t have to worry about jet skis or water skiers. This is a very clean lake with a variable bottom. It ranges anywhere from 2 feet deep to more than 30 feet deep. I find it can be a very difficult place to catch fish, on an average day, I catch 4 – 7 fish, and my high for this lake is 14 fish.

Holbrook Pond, Hebron (83 acres) I only fished once. It was very weedy and shallow and I didn’t catch anything.

Mansfield Hallow Reservoir, Mansfield (460) is a beautiful body of water with some great looking coves and bays. I watched a deer swim across a bay one morning. I have fished it when the reservoir was low and when it was high, but only caught a few fish. Everyone that I have talked to has the same story, big fish if you can find them, but few fishermen catch any.

Moodus Reservoir. East Haddam (486) is big, but not very deep. I have not had much success there, but other have. This is another lake that gets very choppy if there is any wind blowing. I don’t fish it very often.

Norwich Pond, Lyme (30acres) I fished for the first time this spring. I caught 3 – 4 fish, but the pond looked like I should have done better. Maybe because the water was still 55 – 60 degrees the fish weren’t active. I will try it out later this summer.

Pickerel Lake, Colchester (82) used to be very weedy. While viewing a property there I noticed that the lake wasn’t weed choked any more. I have fished a few times this year with pretty good success. There are a LOT of pickerel there, quit a few bass and even one big (5lb) bullhead that I caught. There are still a lot of weeds there, but it can be fished.

Red Cedar Lake, Lebanon (127) is one of my favorite lakes. It is not very deep, but it has a lot of stump cover. I don’t catch many fish there, but I catch big fish there. You need to fish weedless or be prepared to loose a lot of tackle. The parking lot is very small. During the summer you’ll need to get there early or there will be no place to park. Weekends can be real busy with jet skies and water skiers.

Savin Lake, Lebanon (49) is small with a varying depth. I used to catch lots of bass there. The last 2 years I have only caught 1 – 2 fish per trip. I have not tried it this year and no one else seems to be fishing it either. I drive by there on my way to Red Cedar and have not seen anyone parked there.

Uncas Lake, Lyme (69acres) is very nice deep lake. It is electric only with a nice shoreline to fish. It is another deep lake that has confounded me. I did have a good day fishing the shoreline with flukes, but only caught a couple the next time I went there.

Lake Williams, Lebanon (272) is my other favorite lake. I go there often and it is almost
always good to me. It is big and mostly shallow. It can be very busy on weekend with jet skies, etc, but there are usually no problems on week days. The car top boat launch is at the dam; naturally the best fishing is at the other end of the lake


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