May 6, 2009

Track Record Of Success

May 12th is quickly approaching and the time to make your vote count is almost here. For those that don’t know me my name is Mary Ann Parker my daughter Teresa has been on the track team for the past 4 years. I have 6 kids and have a vested interest in what happens to the sport programs at the high school. I feel its very important to get the track fixed as quickly as possible. This is my Teresa’s senior year and she does not get to enjoy any meets at home nor will there be a Senior Day at our home field for our senior boys and girls. We have additional travel expenses and extra busing to other schools for practice. Its like buying gallons of water instead of fixing your well. All that wasted money. We will have to fix it eventually it may as well be NOW, when borrowing money is cheaper and our debt is going down.
All sports are important to a school from Golf to Football this is where our young adults learn confidence and leadership skills not all kids can be class president or captain of the basketball team, but they all get a chance to teach teammates the skills and techniques to succeed on and off the field. Sports are where many of our young children find their role models. My youngest in 4th grade came home yesterday and said that the kids in his class where talking about a pole vaulter named Patrick Waszczak who was a pole vaulter at Bacon and Jumps "really high over 15 feet." All the kids were really excited just imagining how high that is. My son knows Pat well and was really excited that all the kids were awed by his success's. Track is important in many other aspects as a lot of athletes do the indoor track season to keep there speed up for their spring sport Lacrosse and Tennis and even Baseball require speed and stamina. Indoor Track and Outdoor Track go hand and hand without one you don t have the other you need to practice all year long. My Teresa Pole Vaults and with out the indoor season she would not have gotten to where she is now. She just broke the school record jumping 11 feet. She will be playing on the Varsity track team at SCSU this coming year. Her friend Marcella runs the hurdles during indoor and outdoor too. She will is going on the SCSU on the Varsity track team also. We have even graduated a division one track star that received a full scholarship. Bacon has an awesome track team below is a short list of there accomplishments
Class MM Boys State Championship 4x400 Relay
Class MM Boys State Champion 4x800 Relay
Class M State Champion Shot Put
Class M State Champion Girls Pole Vault
All Area Coach of the Year: Steve Browning
ECC Medium Division Champions Boys
Class MM Boys State Champion Pole Vault
Class MM Girls Shot Put 3rd Place
Class M Girls Pole Vault 3rd Place
Class M Boys State Champion Intermediate Hurdles
National Boys Long Jump Champion
Class M Boys State Champion Long Jump
Class M Boys State Champion 100 M
Class M Boys State Champion Shot Put
Support your community and vote yes for the fire truck, the ambulance the much need road improvements and the Bacon Academy Track.


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