May 3, 2009

The British are coming, the British are coming. . . .

This is a roundabout, and this is coming to Salem Four Corners sometime in the next year or two (I hope).

When I was in college, I spent part of a year in England and came upon my first "roundabout". Odd name, but very descriptive and they are (or were - I haven't driven in Britain for awhile now) very prevalent over there. To solve the problem of those line-ups that we get especially during the summer months, or when there's an accident, at the Four Corners, the whole intersection is going to be changed.

Bad Boyz Toyz building is supposed to come down, and will become a park (much nicer view and far better use of the space!). The old general store building that has been numerous things over the years, including a gas station and more recently a Sushi Bar, is also going to be removed. That will free up the intersection space for the roundabout. The red dots you're looking at show the placed where the risk comes for accidents. In a roundabout, it comes to eight high-risk spots.

The numerous business owners at the Four Corners are also getting together to form a business association, and want to upgrade and improve their storefronts, which is great news! It will be nice to drive to (or thru, if you must) the Four Corners and see something attractive, and safe to drive around ( Stay tuned.

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