April 7, 2009

Colchester Youth Soccer

Colchester has a soccer program for children in kindergarten through 12th grade. Colchester Youth Soccer is a non-profit volunteer organization managed by a board of directors elected by its membership. We have a Recreational League and a Travel League. Recreational (Rec) Leagues are for children of all skill levels that want to go out and have fun. The teams are made up of boys and girls of the same age and have one practice and one game a week. Everybody plays at least ½ of each game and there are a very liberal substitution rules. The games are all played in Colchester against players/teams of the same age group.

Travel Soccer is a competitive league with multiple practices and games per week. Players are selected from a travel try-out program and placed on teams based on their ages. There are separate teams for boys and girls. Travel teams play teams outside of Colchester and participate in large tournaments where they could play 2-3 times per day. Competition is very intense in this league and only the best players play in this league. Each team makes up its own game schedule and decides what tournaments it wants to play in.

The primary season runs from mid August and is usually over by early November. During January and February we offer the Rec leagues indoor soccer. We play the games at a school gym. The Travel teams play their own schedules at indoor soccer fields. For more information please go to the CYS web site at: http://www.eteamz.com/colchestersoccer/