March 24, 2009

My favorite Colchester Restaurants

My favorite Colchester Restaurants.

I like to eat out. Time and financial considerations usually require eating in Colchester. My local favorite sit-down restaurants include Maria’s Pizza Palace, Papa Z’s Restaurant and Plum Tomato. We are a “meat and potatoes” family, so I can’t tell you anything about fish or shell food.

Maria’s is located on Route 16 in the Westchester part of town. It is a small family operation with moderately priced menu. Portions are good, most of the time we walk away with left-overs. The Gyro platter comes with a generous helping of fries and the best onion rings in town.

My personal favorites from their menu are:
Greek Lasagna
Italian Combo
Gyro plate

Papa Z’s is located in the same part of town on Route 16. It will cost more to eat there, but the menu is more varied. Portions are large, and the food is very good. In addition to a very large menu, they have 10-12 daily specials that might include jambalaya, sausage in vodka sauce or Cajun dishes.

My personal favorites from their menu are:
Marsala Chicken
Chicken Barese
Chicken Pizziaola

Web Site:

The Plum Tomato has the best pizza in town. I know everyone has a different idea about what is a good pizza. We get pizza from all the places in town, but “The Godfather” is our favorite pizza. Their Brickini sandwiches are very good. Be warned, the sandwiches are very large. I usually order a quarter sandwich for lunch and it is plenty. They also have great salads to eat in or to go.

My personal favorites from their menu are:
Godfather Pizza
Titanic Turkey
Caesar Salami
Da Bomb

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