March 26, 2009

Bacon Academy Girls Championship Basketball Game

Bacon Academy Girls Basketball team won the state Class M championship game on Saturday March 21st 2009 at the Mohegan Sun arena.

55 to 53

The coach Dave Shea has been coaching Basketball at Bacon for 35 years. 13 with the girls and 23 with the boys. This is his second state title.

The first was in 1981 with the boys basketball team at that time his son was on the team. At the second title, his son was with him again coaching, also his granddaughter Katie Mahoney #11 is one of the first string guards. She was one of the high scorers for the game scoring 22 points helping to lead the team to victory over Berlin.

The other high scorer Brooke Bailey #12 also scored 22 points 6 of them in the last minute of the game including the winning shot. The winning shot went in with 3.9 seconds left on the clock. The Bacon crowd was wild everyone was on their feet screaming and cheering the last 2 minutes of the game were so intense my hands where shaking as I tried filming. Berlin played a strong game but they sucummed to the Bacon determination to win ralling strong at the end and pulling it all together.

The girls have been close friends playing multi team sports together for most of their young lives. From soccer and softball and vollyball these girls are all multi sport talented. They have really gelled this year into best friends on and off the field. Brooke Baily, Mckenzie Hyde, Dominic Demar,and Kate Gazdzicki are all seniors this year Leaving Junior Mary Corrado and Sophmore Katie Mahoney. Other teammates Nicollette Martin a Junior and Laura Young, Sarah Straker,Lauren Farell Anna Alferi, and Samatha Brynes all Sophmores will enjoy 2 more years carring on the Bacon Tradition. The whole town of Colchester is very proud of our Bacon team and wish the girls success in their future endevors. BACON GIRLS ROCK111