March 18, 2014


The long awaited day is almost here! Sweet Frogs of Colchester will be opening the doors to the public on Thursday March 27th at 4pm. Located at 139 South Main St in the CVS plaza in the grey building to the right. They have been hard at work transforming the shop for a delightful experience of sweet treats! The frozen yogurt is complemented with a vast array of toppings sure to please everyone from a light healthy snack to a decadent dessert. Come on down and support Bacon Academy Seniors 30% of the nights proceeds go to grad night. Sweet Frogs is neighborhood friendly offering fundraising events to our community. As a matter of fact the F.R.O.G in sweet frog stands for Fully Rely On God and they show that by being a good neighbor in every town they move into, by becoming more than a new business in our community . Follow there facebook page at SweetFrogColchester

June 4, 2012

TEEN 101 What Parents and Teens Need to Know about Drug and Alcohol Prevention.
When: Wendnesday JUNE 6th 6-8pm at Bacon Academy
Who: Parents and Students in grades 7-12 *parents and students will be divided and participate in separate presentations*
More info call Colchester Youth and Social Services at 860-537-7255.
Its been a long time since we were kids new drugs have come out in the last few years and parents we need to keep up with the times. Can't fight the fight if you don't know the enemy!

May 31, 2012

The CBA is having it's 31th annual Tag Sale on the Green on June 10th from 9am - 4pm. There will be booths of tag sale items, crafts, plants, toys, collectibles and more. For more information Call the CBA at 860-537-0340 or visit their site: The rain date has been set for June 24th

April 26, 2012

Hiking Day Pond State Park, Colchester CT

Day Pond State Park in Colchester Connecticut is a nice hike of about 2.6 miles. The North loop and South Loop of the Salmon River Trail is well marked by a light blue blaze on trees and rock surfaces. This trail is not for street shoes or sneakers. The trail will take you through rocky terrain, ledges, loose rock, standing water and across small brooks. You'll see open hardwood, mountain laurel, tall pines, a couple power lines and a dirt road. There are side trails that can take you to a scenic waterfall or a vista of the Salmon River. Maps of the trails are available at the park on the signboard on the south side picnic area. If you are not familiar with the area, I strongly recommend that you take a map. It is easy to get confused with all the tails, dirt roads and power lines there. The entrance of the park is less than one mile north of Route 16 on Route 149.

April 9, 2012

Colchester Lions Fishing Derby May 6, 2012

The Colchester Lions Club will have is annual Childrens Fishing Derby on Sunday, May 6th, starting at 9am. This event is for Colchester children ages 6-13 only. There is no charge for this event, but all children must be registered before fishing. Registration will begin at 8am and parents should be prepared to provide proof of residence. Various prizes will be awarded for fish caught during the derby. To give more children a chance to catch fish, a 2 trout limit will be in effect. The Lion's fish pond is across from the Jack Jackter School on Halls Hill Rd.

March 31, 2012

Colchester Youth Soccer Registrations 2012 Location Changes

Colchester Youth Soccer will have its registration for the recreational soccer league on Saturday, May 5th at the Jack Jackter Cafeteria from 9am -12pm. We will also have a registration on May 9th from 5-7pm at the Rec Plex Pavilion and May 12th from 9am - 12pm at the Rec Plex Pavilion. By May 1st you will also be able to register by going to our website and printing out a registration form and mailing it to our PO Box. 5/5 9am - 12pm JJIS Cafeteria 5/9 5-7pm Rec Plex Pavillion 5/12 9am - 12pm Rec Plex Pavillion If you have any questions please contact Steve Howard at 860-537-6302.

March 2, 2012

Selling your Colchester house in 2012

If you haven't bought or sold a house before or it was long time ago, there are a lot more to it than it used to be. I hope you find this guide usefull. This blog does not cover every possible situation that can come up, but is just ment to cover the basics. If you are considering buying or selling a house, get a realtor to help. 1.At our first meeting/interview we will discuss how your house compares to the current market. Be ready to listen with an open mind and I will explain in detail how I arrived at this price.2.Please let me know how much you still owe on the house including 2nd mortgages and equity lines of credit.3.I will ask you about your motivation for selling. This information will be kept confidential. As your agent I can do a better job of satisfying your needs if I understand your goals. 4.Make sure your house is in the best shape your can make it. In this market there is so much competition that your house needs to outshine the competition to get a bid. Your house will have to impress a potential buyer on the internet before they will schedule a showing. I will offer suggestions and tips to present your house in the best light. 5. Because of the internet, there are much fewer showings now than in years past. Today’s buyers are able to go online and view hundreds of homes in a single day. Therefore the showings you have are a better quality showing. 6. Be patient, it will take time to sell your house. We are in a very difficult market and it is taking much longer than it was a few years ago. 7. When there is a showing, listen to the feedback with an open mind. The other agent is trying to help you and the information can help you sell your house. 8. Let me know how you want to communicate,phone, text, email. I want to make this as painless as possible. Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns or ideas. 9. In a buyer’s market, it is not uncommon to get a low ball offer. Buyers are looking at hundreds of properties including many distressed sales. They are trying to get the best possible deal and sometimes they are trying to feel you out. You don’t have to accept the offer. Try not to get offended and we can talk about how to respond. 10. If the offer is within the ballpark we may go back and forth with counter offers. Be prepared for the buyer asking you to pay for some of their closing costs as part of the offer. Know ahead of time what your absolute bottom line figure is. 11. In this market, it is crucial that you don’t lose a potential buyer over a small amount of money. There aren’t many buyers out there and it may take months to get another and the market price for your house may be lower by that time. 12. When both parties agree to a price, the work is not over. The buyers will usually want to have the home inspected. They will pay for an inspector to come to the house and look at everything. They want to make sure the plumbing, electrical, roof and structure are operating and are in safe condition. After the inspection, it is common for the buyers to present a list of items they want you to fix before the closing. This is something that you and the buyer will have to negotiate. 13. Even though the buyers were pre-approved for a loan, it is not certain that they will get the loan. Now that they have a contract, the bank will do a more in depth inspection of their financial records and appraise your house before approving the loan. The lender will want to send out an appraiser to inspect the house. In most cases the house must appraise for the sales price. If it doesn’t, the buyers will have to make up the difference or the sale price will have to come down to the appraised price or the contract is null and void. The appraiser may also require that certain repairs must be made before the closing. 14. During this time, the buyer will have a termite inspection done and test the well and septic if applicable. The buyer will pay for the inspections, but the seller will have to pay for the septic tank to be drained if necessary for the inspection. 15. When all this is done, you wait for the closing. During this time it is your responsibility to maintain your house in its present condition. 16. By closing day, the house should be empty and broom clean. The buyers will probably do a final walk-through of the house before the closing to make sure the repairs were completed and the house is in the same condition it was when they bought it. If you would like a printed copy of this blog or have any questions, my email address is

February 12, 2012

Anything Goes in Colchester this weekend Feb 17-19

The Colchester Community Theatre's (CCT) production of "Anything Goes" will be this weekend. the 17th,18th and 19th.Show times are:Friday 7pm, Saturday 2pm and 7pm and Sunday 2pm. The show will be held at the Bacon Academy Auditorium at 611 Norwich Ave. Ticket prices are: $12 for adults $10 for seniors and children 12 and under. Tickets are available at the door and at Wild Geese Gift Shop (191 Broadway, Colchester) and at the Town Hall/Park & Recreation Department. In case of bad weather, call 860-537-7297.

February 3, 2012

"Green" homes in Colchester, CT

Colchester Connecticut has a “Green” residential community at White Oak Farm offering ENERGY STAR qualified homes that include geothermal heating and solar panels. The green building movement originated in the US during the 1970s with the fuel crisis and environmental pollution concerns. Green buildings are built with goal of being environmentally responsible and resource efficient from siting, design, construction, maintenance, upgrades and eventual demolition. The 3 main goals are: Efficient use of resources including and water Protect and enhance occupant health Reducing waste and pollution There is a Government Program that provides third party inspectors testing home efficiency on new or existing homes. The HERS Rating (Home Energy Rating System) has three ratings for Green Buildings. The Entry level is the ENERGY STAR level. The next level is NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) and the highest is the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design.) Besides the health benefits, the owner can save money using solar panels to create electricity and heating the house using geothermal heat. The government is offering up to $40,000 in state and federal incentives to the homeowner. If you’re interested in looking at one of these homes give me a call. Steve Howard 860-334-9336

January 12, 2012

Carbon Monoxide detector for your Colchester house

Should you have a Carbon Monoxide detector in your house? Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an invisible gas produced from burning fossil fuels like gasoline, oil, kerosene, etc. CO is produced anytime these types of fuels burn incompletely. It can be created by heating and cooking appliances, automobiles, mowers, tractors and generators. The danger of Carbon Monoxide is that it replaces the oxygen in the blood. This acts as a poison to your body because your body’s organs and cells need oxygen to survive. Flu like symptoms is an early indication of CO poisoning. This is followed by dizziness, mental confusion, headaches, fainting and possibly, death. Carbon Monoxide is the leading cause of accidental poisoning in the United States. To prevent poisoning, buy a detector and replace it every 2 years. To keep safe, do not run motors indoors, even if the garage door is open. Do not use charcoal or gas grill indoors or in the garage and make sure you heating system are regularly serviced by a qualified technician.